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Hi! Nice to meet you! 👋🏼

That's Jackie on the left, and Keri on the right. We've been best friends for like- a million years. And now, we're business partners! This is our story.

So it all started over coffee. We were talking about crystals and yoga, and our new found love for sparkly, spiritual things and POOF! We both said that we wanted to own our own business at the same time. So, then the seed was planted...and we started watering....and somehow - The Smudge House was born.

Why you ask? Because we felt that we had something different. We believe that mindfulness isn't just quiet time sitting on a yoga mat in a yoga studio - we believe that mindfulness is intimate, personal and kind of messy and looks different for everyone. Getting real on that mat isn't pretty - and people look at you weird when you're ugly crying during yoga. So, we set out to create a safe, supportive space (where of course if you want to ugly cry, you ugly cry and we don't judge) and of course we will help you find the strength to bear hug whatever comes up on your journey to mōksha

Mōksha? What the heck is that?!

It's Sanskrit for liberation. That's what we are about here at The Smudge House. It's a long journey, there are lots of steps - and we want to be there for you. Liberation may not even happen in this lifetime, but we want to help you find what you need to walk on that path. We chose mōksha as our mantra to show honor to the spiritual roots of our training, and also as a reminder that the ancient language of Sanskrit is meant to be so much more than just a word. And liberation is so much more than the final destination. Mōksha is our reminder to pause, and let go of the need to get to the end. Learn from the steps we are taking now - because while the destination will always change the transformation within you is the lasting lesson. 

So join us. Let us walk with you. Our tools may look traditional, but we promise you that you will feel the personal thread throughout everything that we offer. We promise that you'll laugh, cry, dance and whatever else brings you closer to YOUR mōksha!


                                           Here at your house, The Smudge House. 


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